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Lulu’s Creamery

Posted on March 7th, by admin in Coffee Shops, Ice Cream, Latest Tours, Restaurants. No Comments

I’ve died and gone to desert heaven. I live off the Atlee Elmont exit in North Richmond/Ashland so as of late I’ve been exploring many of the new shops that seemed to have opened up in the past few months. One of those is Lulu’s Creamery and I must say, this place feels like a real comfortable home. There must be 15 leather chairs where you can enjoy extremely high quality soft serve ice cream and coffee. Think of it as the coolest Starbucks combined with a Dairy Queen. I met one of the owners, Steve, whom after 25+ years in the retail world decided to follow his dream and start his own coffee and ice cream store. What you get is a store which focuses on very high quality foods and personal service … Read More »

Sleepy Bear Coffee

Posted on March 6th, by admin in Coffee Shops, Gift Shops, Latest Tours, Pharmacy. 3 comments

This past weekend I stumbled upon a new coffee shop out in the Ashland / Mechanicsville area in the Kings Charter shopping center. The name of the coffee shop is Sleeping Bear Coffee and is very, very unique. When I first walked in I was a little perplexed as what I seemed to be standing in was part convenience store, part drug store, part gift store and pharmacy all rolled into one. The store is a great modern take on a general store and I immediately felt at home. When I looked right I saw the sign for the coffee shop as was greeted by two smiling employees of whose names I should have written down as they were very helpful! The coffee shop is very comfortable with leather chairs and of course multiple bears, … Read More »

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